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Visual Branding

Visual branding represents what audiences remember about brands. Visual elements instantly and subconsciously communicate message, tone, and emotion.

Brand Potentiation

Enhancement of one element by another so that the combined effect is greater than the sum of the effects of each one alone, to increase the effectiveness of; to intensify; to make more powerful so that the combined effect is greater than the sum of the effects of each component individually.  

Brand Experience Design

A brand is the product’s reputation, which creates particular customer expectations about the product. The brand is a subjective perception of value based on the sum of a person’s experiences with a product or company that ultimately influences that person’s sentiment and decisions in the marketplace.

Brand Narrative

The narrative of a brand is authentic. It is the story of the origins of the business and it’s evolution. It’s successes and experiences and is the human element. Brand culture must be proliferated throughout the internal and external ecosphere, it is the very soul of the business and it’s essence.

Brand Blueprint

The brand blueprint is the central building block of a meaningful brand strategy. It is the synthesis of the insights and information gleaned during the definition/refresh process, with a particular focus on the business-related shifts the brand seeks to make. The Brand Blueprint drives behavior via the proliferation of brand mandates.

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